Day 2.

My First Love…

*places crate down* Before you start to read this post, I would advise you to pick a bottle of Maltina to drink as you read.

When I first saw her, I never believed it would turn out like it did. What started as a joke turned out to be the closest to true love I’ve ever come. It’s sadly, the reason I don’t believe in love and its various forms, and why I’ll never rest until I take down that bastard called Cupid.

It all started when I first saw her picture. She was a close friend’s sister (which made things complicated from the beginning). This particular friend had this habit of teasing me about my sister, always telling how she was so pretty (He wasn’t lying though; na all of us fine for my house :D) and how he wanted to marry her. So when I found out that he had a sister, it was only natural that I returned the favor. What I didn’t expect was the teasing to turn into actual feelings.

The picture was amazing. She was beautiful (still is… Saw her a few weeks ago)…. I wouldn’t say she was the finest girl I had ever seen (Beyonce, my heart still calls for you), but she was definitely gorgeous. There was something about that picture that made my Orbicularis oris and Levator labii superioris muscles curve upwards. I didn’t really attach much importance to the feeling, as I had no idea what it was (All this was early 2008). This even intensified my teasing and I even had the upper-hand in our “Teasing battle”.

By early 2009, I noticed that my teasing was begin to change form and tried to take control of it. I stumbled upon her profile on her brother’s page and sent a friend request. I wish Twitter was already popular then… Setting P would have been so much easier… Anyways she accepted and we got to talking. I got to know her, and was overwhelmed. She had a wonderful personality. She was extremely funny, equally smart, and her opinions about life were just…. *grabs handkerchief* *sniffs*… She was that terrific. She used to write poems and post them on Facebook. Whenever I read those poems, I was always amazed… How someone that young could write with the eloquence with which she did… I still read the poems once in a while sef…

We got close, and we exchanged phone numbers. She said she wasn’t much of a “call person”, so most of our early exchanges were mainly text messages. I decided to call her once just to hear what she sounded like… I’m not going to describe how her voice sounds… Una go think say I dey exaggerate… We sha continued like that for a while sha, just talking and getting to each other more… Think we talked for virtually every night for the latter part of 2009 and early 2010… She introduced me to her bestie during this period too… Me and that one used to talk regularly then too oh… Don’t know what happened to that one sha….

In February 2010, she decided she wanted to meet me and asked me to meet her at E-centre on her birthday. There were some complications so she had to postpone our meeting to the next week. I was really sad about this, but when I finally met her the next week, I have to say it was definitely worth the wait. She was so beautiful, and I had no trouble identifying her, easily attaching the wonderful personality I had fallen for to the wonderfully carved face that was in my front. When she walked up to me and hugged me will forever remain etched in memory as one of my happiest moments ever…  I’m beginning to sound terribly lovestruck abi? *slaps face* Anyways, we had a fun time and saw Percy Jackson & The Lightning Film. When I watched the film some weeks later, I noticed I didn’t remember most scenes, ‘cause I spent most of the film staring at her… *mixes Maltina, Hi-Malt, Maltonic & Amstel Malta…*

The following 2 or 3 months were like the months before… Numerous text messages and late-night calls… Her useless brother even used to use the opportunity to talk to me when he wanted to… Then all of a sudden, it stopped. My calls weren’t going through, my messages weren’t delivering, she wasn’t coming online anymore… It was like my whole world had suddenly stopped spinning. Everything just turned sour to me *sobs, blows nose*  If this had happened during an exam period, I swear I for don fail die. For about another 3 months or thereabouts, I was totally cut off from her…. Then she came back.

She wasn’t willing to offer any explanation for her absence, and I decided not to push it. To avoid losing her again, I decided to let her know how I really felt about her. Looking back on things, I think this is where it all went wrong. She told me she didn’t feel the same and that she wasn’t ready to see if it was going to work out.  She said she had been in a hurtful relationship earlier and wasn’t prepared to enter another one. Ahhh… in order words, she gave me an emphatic N, and a big fat circular O. It hurt. A lot. I don’t know why but I didn’t even pursue it. I just let it go like it didn’t mean anything, a decision I regret. The “Let something go if you truly love it” quote is total bullshit. But then, there was really nothing I could have done…

We got back to talking this year, though rarely. When I when to see her brother, sometime last month, some butterflies in my stomach attempted to flutter but couldn’t find their wings… Confirmation of the sad fact that my first love was gone…

*stands up* *grabs walking stick* And that my children, is the story of my first love. Something tells me I just wrote the plot for a Nollywood movie though… The kind of stuff you’ll get when Danielle Steel writes a novel for Mills & Boon… Tragic love… Enough abeg… Lemme type my next post… See y’all tomorrow!