Day 9

I Want To Be Like You!

Human beings… I have never seen another creature of God so difficult to understand. I thank God I am not a human being sha… The way their brain works is just shocking. You famz me on Twitter, and ask for my BB pin. I give it to you, not because you’re a girl, but because it would sound rude if I said no. I now send you a message asking you to PLEASE read my blog, you now reply me saying “You have better things to do….” May Sango strike your grandfather in his rotten grave.  Deleted 9 of them off my BBM yesterday… No time for rubbish…

I’m not a rude person, neither am I proud by any means. But I don’t take shit from anybody. Bull shit, goat shit, your father’s shit, I’m impervious to it. I saw a comment on yesterday’s post were someone said she wasn’t gonna read every link @Terdoh advertises again because of what I posted. Chairman mi, thanks for the RT’s o. God go make you bigger. But I wouldn’t want people to stop reading your other blogs because of mine. As far as you dey read am, it’s perfectly alright with me…

Since I’m in a really bad mood and not sounding cheerful at all, I’m gonna make today’s post as short as possible. Today’s post is about my role models. The people that inspire me and whose lives contain guidelines that help me live in life. People in whose lives are attributes worthy of emulation. They include:

1. Mrs O. M. George: My momsie has to be the influential person in my life. I have never seen a human being so selfless, so passionate and so caring. My parents divorced when I was very young, and I and my sister have been living with my mom ever since. Back then, most people had the view that children from “broken homes” always turned out poorly, and Momsie did her best to make sure we turned out good as possible. Looking at my sister and myself, I can say she did a very wonderful job. This is not to say that we’re perfect children, but I’m sure no Oracle, and my sister is as sure as hell no Odina (She can act a little “fishy” at times though).

Growing up, they were a lot of things my mom sacrificed to put me and my sis through school, and for which I would forever be grateful to her for. She gave her all to ensuring her that I and my sister lived as comfortable as was normal, and made sure we didn’t lack anything. Our school fees were always at the normal time and our allowances were never delayed. Up until late last year, na bike na Momsie dey carry go her office for Alausa, when all those wey dey below am dey carry motor come office, all because she wanted her children to be well into their University education before she thought of taking care of her own needs. I still dey vex for am sha because she no dey allow me use the car pull stunt…

When I was going to make a decision on which religion I was gonna practice, my mother was a highly influential factor in my final decision. I looked at her life and saw a life worthy of emulation. I think it’s safe to say that I will not have been the person you all know if not for Alhaja George. There’s a saying that God wanted his angels to watch over his children, so he sent them disguised as mothers…. My momsie is definitely one such angel.

2. Dr. Benjamin Carson: He’s my role model, profession-wise. I doubt if there’s any other person who’s has achieved more in the field of neurosurgery, which is why I plan to be like him, and if possible, even eclipse his own achievements. The fact that he had it very tough growing up, but was still determined to make it to the heights to which he did makes him one of my role-models. He was once the dumbest in his class, just like @Segun_, but his determination to excel pushed him to the top.

3. Adolf Hitler: Adolf Hitler is THE man… As in, the men of all men…. I read his page on Wikipedia some years back and I was amazed. His confidence in himself was extra-ordinary. This was someone who never finished school because he was always getting expelled or withdrawn, but still had the confidence in himself to single-handedly change the mentality of every German on the planet and lead them into the greatest war of all time. Boys, if you’re feeling shy to walk up to that girl and ask her out, remember: If Hitler could do all that he did, you too can do anything. If she slaps you though, I wasn’t there.

4. As shocking as this may sound, I’m gonna add our dear Oracle to this list. This is not to say that he is in anyway my role model (I would rather turn gay and allow Olusegun Obasanjo ride my ass than call Mazi my role model), but there is one thing I have learnt from him, which is that no matter what talent you have, you can always use it to your advantage and make a new for yourself. Mazi has been blessed from heaven with enormous amounts of stupidtiy and he has used it to his advantage. Who wouldn’t want to have 10,000 followers on Twitter? Classic eh?

Yes… Those that are the individuals who I look up to (I look down on Oracle though). My mood hasn’t improved much, so no time for any funny endings. Have a good day and hopefully see some of you tomorrow.

I wonder why Esse didn’t comment on yesterday’s post… Seems a blog post will not be enough. Where can I get Ugwu leaves?