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Good morning people! It’s another Sunday, and I hope the Christians here did not take their phones to church. It is not good to read boring posts like mine that will make you sleep off in Church. It is you God will punish not me o…

As y’all can see, I really didn’t have anything to post today (once again 😦 ), so I decided to write another story (Terdoh don’t worry, I didn’t use your name… Hehehehe). I wrote in under 3 hours so please bear with the poor writing and grammatical errors. Thank you. Guest writers, where una dey?

Amir stared at the stern face of his mother, and knew it was over. There were no more arguments. He was attending the Federal Government College, and that was final.

Mr Oyawoye, Amir’s dad, had just been transferred from the head office of Oracle Industries, the construction company where he worked in Abuja, to take control of a new branch office in Lagos. The transfer was permanent, and he had a hard time convincing his wife and an even harder time convincing his 11 year-old son Amir, who didn’t want to leave Abuja because he had so many friends and was a “local champion” that the move was for better. After much persuasion, mother and son agreed to move and the family moved to a duplex house in GRA Ikeja.

The main reason Amir had been so stubborn to the move was that he didn’t want to leave his friends. He had just finished primary school, and was eagerly looking forward to going to the same private secondary school with all of his primary school mates. He was really close to all of them and didn’t want to be parted from them. When his mum told him that they were moving to Lagos, he didn’t want to go. But when his mum told him that he didn’t have a choice, he had hoped to enroll in a private school just like the one he was supposed to attend back in Abuja. Then 2 weeks ago, his father raised the idea of sending him to a Federal Government College. He had been shocked, because his father was the one who always pampered him. His mum had been ecstatic with the suggestion, as she always wanted to be strict with their only child. Amir had pleaded with both of them to send him to a private school, but to no avail. What really scared Amir was that he was going to be in a boarding house.

Amir had heard stories from his friends, who told him that there was no place more evil in the world than a boarding house. That even Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Concentration camps were gentle compared to boarding houses. He was told that the Seniors were evil and they punished students they didn’t like by burning their ass-cheeks with red-hot irons. He had also heard that whatever food provisions one brought from home were automatically their’s. This saddened Amir much as he was a glutton and the idea of giving someone else his food made him real sad. As his mum drove him to his new school, he tried to explain all this to her, but she told him they were just rumors, that the school was a good institution and didn’t condone such wayward acts.

As they arrived at the hostel, Amir looked at the faces of his supposed classmates and was scared. He was a little bit short for his 11 years, and as he stared at them, he wondered how these people, who had the same physical structure as Audu, their gateman back in Abuja, could possibly be in the same age bracket as he was. After all the clearance and registration were completed, he was allocated a room in the hostel. He quickly made friends with his bonk-mate, a short black boy named Segun Sanni.

After Amir’s parents left, he and Segun decided to take a tour round the school. As they were walking round the school, they saw an S.S.3 student urinating on some plants behind a hostel. Amir was shocked at such attitude, and before Segun could stop him, he walked up to the senior and tapped his shoulder, saying in a slight british accent, “Excuse me, but wouldn’t it be better for the environment if you used a toilet?”

The senior, whose name was Terdoh Abacha, stared dumb-founded at the diminutive figure in his front, and didn’t know whether to laugh or be angry. He decided on the latter and landed a hot slap on Amir’s face. He was about to beat heaven and hell out of the tiny brat who had disturbed his release of “omi garri” when he saw the house-master around the corner. He took a good look at Amir, promised to come and “see” him very well later, and ran off towards the school field.

Amir was shocked as he laid in the sand, his cheek still throbbing from the slap he had just received. He could not recall ever being slapped with that much power, and didn’t believe a human being could be capable of so much violence. He was happy the senior was coming to “see” him that night and planned to talk to him on the evils of violence. Segun came to pull him up and asked him “Are you mad? Wetin be your business if him dey piss for bush? Na your papa plant the Ugwu for there?” Amir tried to explain that it was for the best, and started to explain the little he understood of Global Warming.
Segun didn’t care and told him to avoid the senior at all costs.

That night, as Amir lay on his bed hungry (he had refused to eat the watery beans served in the dining hall), Terdoh walked in looking for him. As Terdoh found him, he pulled him up and landed a slap on his face. Amir began to protest and struggle, but slap after punch after slap did not allow him to say anything coherent. After Terdoh was tired, he dropped him and told him he would be back again.

For the next few weeks, Amir became Terdoh’s personal washing machine, food supply and punching bag. Terdoh had found out that Segun was his best friend, and Segun had become house-boy number 2. After a particular incident, Amir decided he had taken enough.

That morning, Amir was about to eat his breakfast when Terdoh walked into the dining hall and collected the rock-hard yam that was Amir’s breakfast from him. Amir had to write a test that day, and because of the hunger he couldn’t concentrate and he failed the test. This made him very angry, and he reported his abuse at Terdoh’s hands to the House master. The House master, who had been eager to beat a student, froze when he heard the student was Terdoh Abacha. The truth was Terdoh’s father was one of the sponsors of the school, and so the school gave preferential treatment to his son. The house-master told Amir that there was nothing he could do about it. Amir was pissed, and decided it was up to himself to rid himself of the menace that was Terdoh.

He got to his hostel and found Segun already washing Terdoh’s uniform. Segun was angry at him for starting the whole affair, but listened attentively when he said he had a way to end it. They involved a couple of friends and started a plan to pay senior Terdoh back in his own coin.

On the morning of the fateful day, Terdoh walked into the hostel and met his uniform already ironed. He was surprised, as he usually had to throw 2 or 3 slaps before they did so. Unknown to him, the straps of his sandals had been torn so just a single thread was left holding the sandal together. He was late to assembly as usual, and as a teacher began to chase all the late students, he began to run and his sandals cut. His bare feet came in contact with the sharp gravel and he stopped and let out a painful yell as the stone cut into his flesh. Simultaneously the teacher pursuing the late students caught up with him and landed a fresh stroke of the cane on his butt. Terdoh screamed again and ran into the Assembly Hall hopping and holding his ass. The whole school, both students and staff began howling in laughter, as nobody liked Terdoh’s attitude. Terdoh was steaming in anger and went to the back of the line fuming.

After school hours that day, Terdoh walked up to a girl in his class and told her “I want to see you before dinner”. The girl, whose name was Michellina, was the female version of Terdoh and said “Okay” without much ado. He told Amir and Segun that he wanted his best house wear ready that afternoon, and the boys quickly ironed it for him. Immediately after ironing it, Segun pulled out the leaves of the killer bean plant he had plucked earlier near the staff quarters and rubbed it on the insides of the housewear. Snickering, the boys went to play.

When they got back, Terdoh was already waiting for them. He was late for his meeting with Michellina, and gave them each 2 slaps for that. He didn’t have much time as it was already getting dark, so he just grabbed his clothes and wore them as he was walking. He had just finished buttoning his shirt as he finally met her. “Hey dear”, he said in his thick hausa accent, as he attempted to hug her, then jumped back as something had stung him sharply at his sides. He didn’t know what was wrong and decided to ignore it while he concentrated on the purpose of this night. He tried to talk, but kept feeling like a hundred hands were pinching at his skin. “I want *scratch* to *scratch* be your *scratch* boy… *scratch* *scratch*…” The itches became too much and Terdoh was virtually dancing high-energy alanta on the spot. At that moment, Amir and Segun shouted “Fire!!!!” and about 7 boys came out from the gutters behind them and started firing folded cardboard papers from rubber-bands at them. Terdoh was stunned. He couldn’t block the rubber-band assault while scratching himself, and he started to run with Michellina at his heels. He looked round and saw the whole school looking at the whole event. Terdoh almost ran mad. He knew his reputation in school was ruined. He ran to his hostel, packed his few belongings, and left the school.

As Terdoh was seen fleeing the school, the students began to hail Amir, calling him “The General”. For he was truly a General, and his first mission, Operation Nightfire, was a complete success.

That was long… I really hope it was worth your time…

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