Good morning.

Terdoh informed me that he lost a dear friend this morning. I would like us to have a moment of silence for this beloved person and pray that he/she is in a better place.

A happy new day to everyone of you. Yesterday, majority of us got to know of a certain rape incident where a girl was raped by 5 boys in Abia State University, who recorded the whole event and passed the video round. Today, I’ll be hosting a post by @GossipGirlee, who shares a letter sent to her by a rape victim.

Good morning, folks.

I’m guessing most of us have heard about the rape incident that happened about a month ago in ABSU. I just wanted bring that and this mail I received yesterday to your notice, and see if there was something that could be done about it. Thanks to Wana for giving me his blog for a whole day… I really appreciate it.

I checked through my mail yesterday morning and found a mail sent by a Miss Adebimpe (surname withheld) and I feel I should share it with you all. It really moved me.

“I am in tears as I write this letter. The story of 5 boys that gang-raped a girl for 1 hour and mocking her while taking turns has opened the wound I have been nursing for 9 years. I have always prayed to God to help me over come this. It flashed the 27th of May, 2002 right back into my face. The day I was brutally gang-raped by 3 boys who I termed friends and would have given my life to protect. It was an outing day in my school, Command Secondary School Ibadan, and we were allowed to go out. As I was leaving the school to visit my granny, I saw them leaving the school too so we left the school together since they were my good friends and a Prefect was amongst them. On my way back I saw them again. It was like they were stalking me. Since I left school with them I decided to follow them, though this time, they were in a car. On our way back we saw two of their girlfriends on the way. I felt relaxed since I wasn’t the only girl in their midst. I had wanted to buy amala at Apata area but they insisted that Omi Adio’s amala was better so they drove us there. As we drove past our school a bit and stopped by a bush, they stopped and told me that they were coming. I came out to lean on the car, I saw a hand cover my mouth. They tore my uniform and I was crying and begging ’cause I didn’t know what was happening. I pleaded with them to stop that I had not done it before. They told me that they wanted to confirm. I cried till I lost my voice. One of them decided to scream so as to keep my voice from been heard. They forced themselves on me and I was shivering, crying and dis-stabilized in my own pool of blood. I was later found by an hunter who took me to school. I could not tell anyone even my best friend. I got pregnant from that experience and lost my womb trying to abort d child. Till date, my family don’t know about it except myself, those satanic boys and you. Since its a boarding school I was scared of the stigma attached to rape that I could not report them. But our silence has made this crime endless. For how long are we gonna sit and fold our arms and watch our sisters, mothers, girlfriends, wives, friends suffer in the hands of sexually-starved maniacs? For how long? It is not only the government that needs to do something, you and I need to be the change that our situation needs. If we suspect boys that do such, we should inform higher authorities and follow up the case and make sure that justice reigns. FIGHT AGAINST RAPE, we don’t know who is gonna be the next victim.”

That was Adebimpe’s letter. What can really be done to stop this menace? Adebimpe has also asked for a response as regards her own situation. What should she do?

Wana, thanks again for this space, and I eagerly await your comments.

*grabs mic* *scans Congregation*

Good morning, my fellow human beings. Give Orunmila a big hand! *insert loud applause here*… Yes, we are gathered here, as we do everyday, to read and deliberate upon my ramblings… Do I hear an Amen?

Without much ado, let us open our holy books to the 1st Book of Sango, Chapter 4 verse 17. Sister Esse, can you please it out for us? What did you say? You can’t read? Not to worry then, I’ll just read it out myself. The verse reads, “… And obey me, Obatala when I tell you not to eat Amala in the morning, for I shall visit the iniquity of the fathers on the children, on the third and fourth generations of those who disobey me.”

What we need from that verse now is not the deed, but the punishment. Rape is a very serious crime, one which in Shar’iah Law would pull the Capital punishment: Death by Stoning. Of which those guys for that place sabi shot-put die… Them go just dey aim for the balls… Brother Terdoh, please make sure the offering basket goes round… I need money to pay BIS…

What pains me most is that the video made by the boys involved in the ABSU rape matter, has been in circulation for over a month and the boys haven’t be caught. In countries like the U.S., all they would have was the blood or semen samples of the rapists, and they would have been caught. But in this our dear country, you have a fuckin’ video and they haven’t been caught. The people that lead this country are a bunch of Oracles, and it hurts me. But I want them to know, that Baba God is not sleeping.

Sister Kemi and Sister Zainab, can you come and lead the choir please? *Choir sings Timaya’s Plantain Boy*

Ahhh… Such a lovely song… As I was saying, the fact that our judicial system has failed to render punishment on these miscreants, doesn’t mean that God won’t. And if God decides to punish them here on Earth or in the after-life, the punishment is going to be brutal. For they have soiled a creation of the Lord, and committed a sin against. For they have disobeyed God gravely, and put their generations in potential trouble. Because nowadays, we see so many people looking like “badly wrapped amalas”. When Obatala warned their ancestors not to eat Amala in the morning, they didn’t listen. Will one of these rapists watch his 11-year old grand-daughter being raped by armed robbers, and have the mouth to cry to the heavens?

Rape is not the answer to any question. Even if the question is how to cure extreme Konji or how to repay a girl who abused you. If konji is catching you that bad, a litre of diesel is just N100. A Unilag girl costs even less. And no matter the level of insult, even if she said Mazi has more sense than your father (This is a very grave insult), it still does not justify rape.

I seriously hope that these rapists get more sense, or that our judicial system gets better, so that this cankerworm eating at the fabric of our nation (I’m seriously trying to remember where I heard this…) Can be stopped.

Time for communion… Amir if you like come 3 times like you came yesterday… Hungry idiot…

Have a lovely and rape-free week ahead.

Till tomorrow, peace!