Monday, 26th of September, 2011. Good Morning.

It’s been an extremely fun journey, but it’s almost over. Just four more days to go.

As much as I enjoy writing my usual sane thought-provoking posts, I noticed I hadn’t written anything insane or crazy this past 25 days, so I wanted to make sure I wrote a dumb crazy post before the month ended.

Happy reading.

Before I wrote the day before yesterday’s post, I read @KevinWithAnL’s last post, EncorE, looking for something to inspire me. Sadly, all it did was get me depressed and thinking, with a lot of questions buzzing in my head.

Why are we here? Why do some die and some live? Why do some have seemingly good luck and some bad luck? What exactly is the meaning of Life? Where do we go after our task here is done? One thing is for sure though. Someone sent us here, and it seems that person has already planned out how each and every one of us is going to leave our lives.

According to the Holy Books, our primary reason for being on Earth is to worship God. It has been said in all the Holy Books that “Our God is a jealous God, and punishes severely the worship of idols.” Even semi-holy books like The 1st and 2nd Books of Obatala confirm it, like the verse which says “Any man or woman wey dem born well, make im carry head go follow any Oracle. Na Craw-craw go scratch him yansh till im die.”

Different people have come up with their own interpretations of the purpose of living, most of them inconsequential. The greek philosopher, Plato, said that the purpose of life was to attain as much knowledge as possible. In my opinion, this is so wrong. What becomes of people like @Rinolee who do not know anything? Once in our 100 level when we were writing a test, this boy dubbed me to the extent of dubbing my matric. number. The fact that he’s dumb though, doesn’t mean that his life’s purpose is over.

The Mohists, a group of philosophers from East Asia, believed that our reason for being on Earth, was to love. To love every human being unconditionally, regardless of their actual relationship to the persons. To show undiluted compassion to every living thing. This is also meaningless to a point. You can’t expect me to love every human being on Earth. I would rather act gay porn with those ABSU niggas than show a rice grain of love to Odina… Some people don’t just deserve it… Most animals don’t even deserve compassion… I doubt if they have the kind of muscled mosquitoes in East Asia that we have in Nigeria… For Ijanikin those days… You go spray Baygon finish, the mosquito go dey laugh you say “Hehehe, Ogbeni I don buy gas mask….”

Or like the Oracle, who feels the purpose of life is to showcase as much stupidity as you can to the world. This philosophy seemingly holds more water than Plato’s, giving the fact that the number of stupid people is way more than the number of intellectuals (yes, I’m the last of a dying breed).

But despite all these generalized reasons for living, there must be something else each person, on his own, has to do on this Earth. Kelvin survived a disease as fatal as Viral Encephalitis in a country with an extremely poor medical system. I read the story a new-born baby who survived a stray bullet hit to the head in the U.S. Yet, people have died from much, much, less. People have died from head-aches. People have seen their end by just enlarging @HerRoyalGaganess’s avatars. So why was Kelvin and the new-born baby spared? Apart from serving God, is there another task that the Almighty has prepared for this people?

At this point, the question of Destiny comes in. Is our entire life already planned? If it is, can we change it? Is it some people’s destiny to tweet all day and lie that they work in an Oil Company? If it can’t be changed, why are we given free-will? Why are we given the option to choose what we want to do? Do any rewards or punishment await us for the choices we make? *sighs* So many questions…

As human beings, we are bound to have dreams. We all have that one thing that we so desperately want to do. We all have dreams we chase and want to live. People we want to become. Houses we want to live in. Cars we want to drive in. But if our destiny isn’t parallel with these dreams, does that mean that there’s nothing to be done? That no matter how much effort some people put in, they are bound to be poor? Or do we have the ability to push that destiny? To become whatever we want no matter what life throws at us? So many questions…

When a fan ripped the front of my skull some years back, the doctor said something that sounded like the words “any closer” and “brain damage” (I couldn’t remember the whole sentence he said; they had just fed me toast bread and tea… Y’all know what bread does to me ^_^). Looking back on it, if I actually hadn’t bent down when the first 3 when through, it actually might have been worse than it was. I probably would be one of those retarded young fellows strapped into a bed at 8, Harvey Road, Yaba. And none of you would be reading this post. None of you.

There’s definitely a multitude of reason God put me on this planet, and I guess this blog happens to be one of them. I don’t have a sense of humor, but I try to cheer up as many people as possible by the stuff I put on here, and in a way, have added color to many lives. I really thank God and you all for giving me the opportunity to do so.

For those people like @Segun_ and @TheFakeEsse (will you deny your handle?) who do not have brains and haven’t figured out at least 1 of the reasons why they are here, I would seriously advise you to use your toe-nails (I hear they have some brain cells) and start thinking. We are here for reasons. Plenty of them. And while some of them might not seem fair, do your best to change them.

Hahahahahahahahaahahahahahaha! That was hilarious, wasn’t it? The way that Bruce Lee guy just kicked the woman selling puff-puff? Buahahahahhahaha *rolling on the floor* *stands up* *sees @Terdoh and @Qghaz with straight faces* …. It wasn’t crazy funny? Oh… My bad… *dusts clothes* *looks at @Terdoh again* Terdoh, you’re ugly. *walks off*.