Good Morning.

Day 29…. The 2nd to the last day of posting… The item before the closing prayer in a ceremony is usually the Vote of Thanks, right? So, that’s what I’m gonna do today. Thank all the people that have been there from day 1…

Before I move on, let me address a question that a lot of people have been asking me. What’s next for Wana’s Playbook? What happens after this 30-day fiasco is over? To be true, I do not know. I have been asked to guest write on, but that’s gonna take a while sha… Have to rest from all this wahala I’ve been given myself. I also still have a job offer I’m still considering, to write the script for a comedy series. So I think it’s safe to say, for the next 2 weeks, I won’t be posting anything. After then, I’ll be posting twice a week. Most likely Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Now, to why we’re here Today. To give honor to whom it is due.

@Kemmiiii, Thank you for being my Blogging wife (She introduced to WordPress… If not for her I would still be carrying last on that horrible Blogger…). She even guest-wrote on her Birthday… One of the best posts of the month… Thanks for everything, boo. Even though you eat Omo. I still love you.

@TheFakeEsse, My darling Ifunanya, how can I ever repay you? How many girls would have allowed me to spread their ass-cheeks so wide? How many girls would have allowed me to share the secrets of their beauty to the world? None! But you have allowed me to show the world the wonders of Akpu in your life. You allowed me to raise your skirt and show the world the true meaning of “yam”. I am forever grateful, Esse. Thank you for everything. When you get back to Nigeria, we’re gonna hook up. Most definitely. *sets P on the floor carefully* Thanks again, boo.

@Rinolee, if someone had told all those days we used to fight for burnt, salt-less rice in room B21 that you would end up being as useful as you are today, I would have told the person that the chances of you becoming useful in your life are far lower than the chances of Dimitar Berbatov winning Usain Bolt in a sprint race. But shockingly, you proved a little useful. A good character to abuse. If only most people knew that the stuff I write about you is true… Yes, I remember that night.

@Segun_ Segun… Segun… Segun… How many times did I call your name? You’re a fool. My fool though. My personal short black fool. This gay nigga right here is one of the few people whose TLs I read when I need inspiration to right something crazy… Yes I read TLs when I need inspiration… Only when watching Japanese porn doesn’t work… That shit is highly motivational… I digress… Segun, I see you.

@ZeeSparklez. If not for the fact that it would be it would be extremely weird to date my best friend’s (MB is virtually my brother sef) sister, Zainab should be my girlfriend. She gave me the idea for my most serious post (Day 26: Wana The Oracle). And her occassional pings to congratulate me and set me right have been extremely useful. Thanks boo.

@Tweetmeistar. If not for Wole and his wahala, I would have stopped writing by day 4. This useless boy kept pushing me to write, and now here we are at the end of it all. It’s a real shame he hasn’t been online in a while… It’s really hard to get BIS money from Pure water sales…

Moving on to my publicists…

@Terdoh. This blog is what it is today because of this hairy black hausa boy. A true blog-ville legend. He’s the Don Corleone of Blogsville, with talent, power and respect in abundance. The first post I used him as a character in, is still the most read post on this blog (Day 13: From Ojuelegba With Love.) Hence the reason for the constant abuse of the name in subsequent posts. More than half of my subscribers were referred here by him. Thank you sir.

@ibetapassmynebo My good friend. Van Persie’s future wife. Vic O groupie. This girl sabi retweet on another level. Like say when them born am, doctor tell am say “Go forth into the world and retweet.” Thanks for everything. I have not forgotten o… I go still buy Mikano for you.

@DeoluBubble: Another legendary blogger, and classic retweeter. Thanks much.

My Guest Writers…

@Qghaz, @GossipGirliee and @Saheedt (Kemi and Terdoh I’ve mentioned you before :p) Thank You for allowing my blog to host your epic writing abilities. Except for @Saheedt though. The dumb fuck just brought shit to my blog. Very cheap imbecile…

To my fam, Sodiq and MizB, I see all of una too o… I was posting in their house for the first few days before I got WordPress for Blackberry, so I have believe thanks are in order.

Thanks to @DJNiro_ who did the wonderful, sexy, hot, moi-moi tasting artwork for my blog. You’re gonna be seeing more of him in coming months here…

Thanks to everybody who has come here to read and drop a comment. And has shared the link on Twitter and Facebook. I really appreciate it, and I’m really sorry I can’t mention all your names. I would have loved to do so, but my body signals tell me they’ve just finished baking a new set of bread at Barcelos, and that bread is best while it’s hot. I’m sorry, but hot bread is more important than all of you. Yes, every single one of you.

Goodbye, and see y’all in Okija Shrine tomorrow for the Final Prayers.