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Nope, I’m not here to rant today. @Terdoh, please use the back door.

Today’s post is on an event I attended last Sunday, the One Mic Naija’s Christmas Edition.

For those of you who have never heard of the One Mic, your carriage of Last is legen… wait for it… dary! Lemme see if I can tell you exactly the whole package is about. I’ve done this before, but we go still yarn am again.

Organiser’s Definition: One Mic Naija is an event brought about by a coalition of entertainment and media companies, namely Entertainment, WEPLUGGOODMUSIC and s.h.a.r.e. One Mic Naija is a bi-monthly event that sets out to expose music enthusiasts to fresh and good music, not just necessarily what is commonly or commercially considered “mainstream music”. One Mic Naija provides upcoming artists the platform to present their craft, mingle with their peers and forge relationships with key players in the music industry, gaining valuable knowledge and creating crucial opportunities for them to develop as an artist. This is achieved by allowing upcoming artists perform at the One Mic Naija showcase with a live band in front of an audience comprised of fans, key players in the music industry, media etc, thereby granting them some much needed exposure.

My defintion: 4 words: Good Music. Mad Fun.

The One Mic Naija event was the perfect event for the music lover. Nothing beats listening to your favorite artistes performing to a live band (Eating bread and moin-moin beats it though, but food doesn’t count). No lip-synching, no miming. Straight out from the artiste’s heart. Can someone spell out bliss for me?

The event was supposed to start at 4pm, but I arrived “fashionably” late, at the advice of a friend, at 5:30pm (And I still wasn’t late enough. May God save us from the curse that is ‘African Timing’). The show started some minutes later, with regular hosts Kel (I almost couldn’t recognise Kel… She was looking so cute and simple… Made my left ventricle beat irregularly) and KB.

As is now the custom, the winner of the previous edition’s Open mic is the first performance of the day. And so, “Agege Bread” boy, Qriss took the stage. It seemed like his guitar was having issues, but as they say, you can’t keep a star (or is it moin-moin?) down. He got his act righ, opened the show perfectly and the crowd was really feeling Breadi Agege.

Port-Harcourt’s own M-Trill was up next. The bros no even waste time… He was just dropping bars like a draining BlackBerry battery (What? Me sef get bars). His flow was on point, and after the rapping decided to give the crowd something to dance do by doing a song with a high-life beat… Very nice performance.

The highly energetic 3-man crew of G.R.I.P. Boys was up next, continuing the stage destruction from where the Thriller left it. From their crazy dance moves to their funny trousers to one member’s funny haircut, G.R.I.P. Really moved the stage… Pa de mi ni sale!

The first round of the Open Mic held next, and members of the audience who wanted to showcase their talents (or lack of) came to the stage and performed for the audience. All contestants gave it their all, and it was hard choosing the final top 3 of QD, D’kleptic (it sounded like that sha) and one tall dude whose name I didn’t get. He shall herein be referred to as OTD.

While the Open Mic was going on, I spotted Radio Host Tosyn Bucknor. She was sporting a P.O.P from a recent accident but still looked cheerful throughout the event. She even gave me a smile when I took a pic of her… Get well soon Ma.

The beautiful Ruby was up next, whose voice, according to KB, “spanned 4 octaves”. This made me feel bad, as my own voice no even span any octave 😦 . She gave a wonderful rendition of Bob Marley’s Redemption Song, and her smooth voice really had the crowd moaning, sorry… going…

After Ruby was rock band Threadstone, who really made the crowd go gugu gaga. Their performance of Bruno Mars’s Just The Way You Are was amazing and their other songs were awesome too. Their drummer was white, and he was drumming with energy of someone who drank a mixture of Engine Oil and Lucozade Boost… Trust me it works… #ThankMeLater.

Singer Ibiyemi was up next. Didn’t watch her performance because I had to pick up my baby momma’s call, who was worried because there was no moin-moin in the house… I still heard her sing sha… And it was wonderful… I wonder where One Mic Naija finds all these wonderful voices…

On my way back in, I spotted Slim T near the entrance… Was tempted to famz him (we took a pic together at the last One Mic) but thought against it… I cannot let someone embarrass me with all the bear-bear wey dey my face…

The final 3 Open Mic contestants performed again and after the voting, comedian D’Kleptic came 3rd and won a T-shirt. Singer/Rapper Q.D came second and won Beats by Dre earphones, and rapper OTD came first, winning a return ticket to anywhere he wants in Nigeria, and free album artwork should he decide to release a single.

I rooted for OTD because he dropped a bar that had the same effect on me as hot dodo… He said “DJ Humility must not play this, ’cause these rhymes are not humble…” #IRestMyCase.

Finally, it was time for EME soldier Skales to come on stage. He performed Keresimesi and Mukulu and got everybody in the whole building dancing. And oh, did he dance! Never expected him to be able to whine his waist, but he did! Really strong performance from Skales… The way he was rubbing his stomach when singing Keresimesi was hilarious! Chop till o belle full! Still waiting for his album sha…

I noticed Skales was wearing a white Ama Kip Kip T-Shirt, as was one of the members of G.R.I.P. I wonder why everyone’s wearing them… Is it by force to Kip Kip? I WILL NOT KIP KIP! *sips viju*

The last performance… Drumroll please… None other than my favorite Nigerian rapper… The only Nigerian artiste who could bring out the groupie in me (Even my best female, Kel couldn’t)… Vector tha muthafuckin’ Viper.

Definitely the performance of the night, Vector gave a new meaning to the phrase “Move the Crowd”. Singing just bits of his songs from Get Down to Mary Jane to Angeli, Vector had Brown’s cafe on lockdown. He came on stage with Mo’ Dogg, whose voice made one girl beside me start reciting Suratul Fatiha… Konji is a bitch…

All in all, it was an extremely fun and awesome evening. Shout-out to Entertainment, WePlugGoodMusic and S.h.a.r.e for organising such a wonderful event…

The next One Mic is probably gonna hold on the last Sunday of February 2012, so I would advise y’all to start saving your N1,000 (The show is worth a whole lot more than that though)… Don’t miss out!

Hmmmm… I wonder if my reporting is good… Oh well…

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