Sup y’all? Missed me much?

*everybody cheers*

Yeah… Missed y’all too.

Okay… No time to add thyme.

I had one of the most twisted minds I know, @Phyrdausi write me a post of 900 words. And she did exactly what I expected. Happy reading.


900 words seem like a lot to write but I am going to try. Even as i type this, I have nothing to write. No topic, no definite thread of thought, nothing.  The mood of this post is blissfully blank. I’m playing Florence + The Machine on my iTunes. Blinding from the Lungs album, maybe my best song from that album; it certainly ‘speaks’ to me. Was watching Boondocks and I paused halfway because I remembered that I ‘promised’ Mayowa a post. I promised ’cause let’s face it, I haven’t written in a while. Leave My Body is on now; I absolutely love this song also. I’m not going to apologise for these little musical digressions, if you love Florence, you’ll understand.

Music has always been my best friend, one of them at least. I experiment with genres, taste mixes and flavours. Fantasize about artistes, groups, bands; envision a future in song writing. The truth is songs give a voice to thoughts I never knew I had, give me that emotional balance I never knew existed. Happiness that I never knew I could have. Music is my companion, what encompasses me as a whole, inanimate love. She tells me the things I want to hear at a particular point in time, God’s personal gift to me.

I listen to Florence and I think of some celestial being. Her lungs, voice and lyrics just surround me. Most times, I don’t understand what she’s saying, but that’s okay because I trust her. She talks about a love that she has lost and I want to feel that with her. I have never loved that way. The heartache of being alone, trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Do you know what it feels to have sleep as your only companion? I watch her live performances and I find myself falling in love with music all over again. Her tambourines add this outstanding effect.

Lana just sounds like she belongs in the 70s. I just started listening to her about two months ago. First thing that came up in my head when I saw her was ‘crackhead’. But she sings of another dimension of love (my thirst for love is appalling). Her voice is kinda like a lullaby. I’m still undecided as to whether I love her, but I definitely like her. She brings out the rebel in you – ‘damn all the rules, I have a boyfriend and he’s the only thing I see. Everything else doesn’t exist’. That gives another meaning to the term ‘my sun and stars’.

Amy Lee is beautiful, dark and purely awesome. Her voice has this rich quality; u can taste the tears in the air. All the pain, despair, sadness, joy, delusions, love, obsession, need for acceptance, madness, annoyance, dissatisfaction all wrapped in this twisted, warped shape. It might be creepy but there’s beauty in everything. She’s that sad little girl still trying to understand this world. She’s been hurt and she wonders why.

This is the point where I’ve run out things to say. *sigh* I’m a person of very few relevant words, like I can ramble on and on about nonsense. This 900 word quota is just annoying. At first, I wanted to just count to 900 and send it but this is my one chance to convince Mayowa that I’m not crazy, weird or its equivalent so… I need 400 more words. *deep breath*

I don’t know how I could have forgotten Sarah McLachlan. I mean, her voice is just so serene, not too tasking to try and imitate. Her songs just encourage me to go on living, not like I’m a suicidal person but you get. It’s my perfect work music. When I’m typing assignments or I just want to sit and bask in nothingness. I feel beautiful when I listen to this woman, I don’t listen to her often and I don’t know why. It’s probably because she’s so good for me and my masochistic side doesn’t believe I deserve anything good. If I just want to cry for no reason at all, she’s my person. She brings out the beauty in tears; no pain, just tears running down as a result of the realisation of the fact that such pure beauty exists in the world after all. She makes me just want to sit and worship God. You might not feel the same but she gives me peace. It pains me cos I only have one album but I’ve listened to it over and over… and over. I always have issues with my friends and my idea of what friendship should be, Fallen is just a song that speaks to me. In short, all the songs I love speak to me. I’m not doing justice to Sarah by just writing this drab, mediocre paragraph. i don’t know how to put it but in a word, she’s awesome. In other words, overwhelming, breath-taking, amazing, splendid, astounding…

There are other people I listen to and I didn’t write this in any preferential order. In order to finish up and meet up with the quota, I thought about giving credit and all BUT I figured I could just do what I do best – ramble (yep, this paragraph is just nonsense, u can stop reading now if you want to).  I should write something about food, that’s another thing that I seem to love a lot. The burst of taste in your mouth and how, miraculously, things become alright again. I mean Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of porridge…pottage (that’s a debate for another day. On that day we shall also treat the soup/stew matter) right? And also how God Almighty Himself endorsed ALL kinds of food (no such thing as clean or unclean food. And my dear vegans, God created animals for us to eat)

I believe for a lengthier post, I should have gone for controversial topics like religion, social-caste systems (under which we have the BlackBerry vs other brands – we all know androids are the shit; and more recently, the fact that Instagram is now on the android platform and iPhone users are beefing – things you can find only on Nigerian Twitter), love or some other ‘beating around the bush’ topic.
Oh! And just so we are clear, I’m a Symbian user… no, not Symbian Anna[belle], just plain Symbian. *whatsapp side eye smiley* (I think they are called emojis sef). And one more thing, my birthday’s coming up and I would like to use this medium to beckon to you all to contribute to the ‘Firdausi Fone Fund’ (I have a little thing for alliteration)
Thank You. God bless


Just so you know, my opinion of you hasn’t changed. You’re still crazy AF.