*Now playing: Lupe Fiasco – The Show Goes On*

*strolls into playbookutunu dome rocking blue soccerpants*

…5 minutes later *grabs mic from Chris Rock*

Aloha people!!! This is the closing dinner for Niro’s 7 Day challenge. We have finally come to the end of this series/challenge. *applause*
I must admit, it was a big challenge putting up these posts everyday since Sunday, especially with the Yellow South African network keeping me on the ‘edge’ of glory most of the time and PHCN making sure I had to put of my network whenever I wanted to type. Well enjoy the rest of the show. And before I leave the stage for performance, let me give you a rundown of performances for the day.

This show is supported by Dana Hairlines. They provided transport services for all of you seated in this auditorium.

Photography for the day is provided by the first company to make camera, Kodak, who unfortunately went bankrupt after they released the funds for today’s event.

To headline today’s musical performance, we went out of our way, all the way to Italy, to bring you the awesome magic of a legend in the making… Ladies and gentlemen, Vic O!!! *cheers* Calm down, calm down.

Also on the list of our performers today is none other than the master of speed himself, Speed Darlington!!! *more cheers*

On the local scene, we have the also musically gifted Jim Ikechukwu who would be performing his Grammy nominated single, who am I? He would also be joined by Range ambassador and my crush, General Nnaji. Not forgetting Desmond Hediot and other top singers.

Security at the gate is being handled by ace producer turned security consultant, OK Solo, so you’re in safe hands… Or not.

*clears throat*

I really don’t have any story in particular to tell or topic to discuss so, I will just rant on like I was born with pants on. #sinarambobars

For those of you asking why I don’t have a topic for today of all days… If you have seen a movie before, whether in your dream, on a laptop or at the cinemas. You should notice a part where you see the credits rolling usually from bottom to top. So you see, this is that post.
First up, I want to thank you for also being bored and checking up everyday to see my new piece of graffiti. I know it wasn’t as awesome as that of the Great Sushey’s, the Sirkastiq’s or the Cumicals of our time who I’m very lucky not to be in their generation of bloggers. *I belong to the 10/10 or G-bam generation*

On a serious note, ask and it shall be given unto you. On day 6, I wrote a post on what I would do with 30 million naira and guess what? This morning around 3am, I received a call that I had been giving a 30 million naira grant to start up something! I couldn’t hide my joy, I immediately cut the call and reported to the office where I was directed to. Lo and behold, there was a cheque of N30m written and signed in my name.

As a person who carries others along, I called Wana and broke the news to him and I’m sure he was as excited as I was because 2 hours later we were at a very exotic restaurant eating the finest of Wana’s moin moin and taking some shots of Sirkastiq’s Zobo imperial… And that was were I woke up 😦

Well enough for the long talk, check out the projector below for the highlight show.

Day 1 – Premiere

I introduced my immortal self to the city of blogsville and told you 7 things about me and also learnt a few things from the comments and twitter mentions. You can find this post here – http://wp.me/p1JHjN-5l

Day 2 – Ancient and Modern; My tale of 2 cities

If this post was used to nominate this blog for travel blog of the year at the NBAs we would surely have won. Well, this post is about my two favorite Nigerian cities, Benin and Port Harcourt. Looking at the good… And not so good parts of this cities. You can find this post here – http://wp.me/p1JHjN-4K

Day 3 – Nigerian music videos and the guys behind the Camera

On day 3, I tried to let you in on the men who called the ‘Cuts’ and ‘Actions’ when it comes to music video making in Nigeria. This isn’t a comprehensive list, but at least they were celebrated. 🙂

Find the post here – http://wp.me/p1JHjN-5q

Day 4 – Talents? Who Sells them

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Day 5 – Poems I think you should know

There are poems, and there are Poems. Nuff said, check out 4 poems that mean something to me and also a transcript of my phone convo with departing academy player, RVP. Read more here – http://wp.me/p1JHjN-5x

Day 6 – What will I do with 30 Million

You can find that here – http://wp.me/p1JHjN-5z

Once again thanks for being here and thanks to Wana for inspiring this series. Not to forget all of you that dropped comments and followed my twitter rants. Una go dey bigger o.

Wana can we have closing prayers? *hands mic*

Wana: obatanla, we thank you for the end of yet another series, help this boy to be funny so that he can come and bless us with more posts. Amen.

*Fade out*

Finally its over people! Day 7 of 7 and its a wrap! Share your comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog.

My name is still Niro and I tweet as @DJNiro_