Aloha people *Now you know how they greet in Hawaii*

Today we have a special guest in the “book”, ladies and gentlemen…


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I present to you, weighing a hundred and something pounds, all the way from Osogbo, Nigeria…


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The next letters after the last punctuation were penned or rather typed by him, enjoy.

A few days ago I was out with two friends, and we stopped at a roadside to do something.

While I was looking around, I saw something funny. I saw a “he-goat” chasing a “she-goat” around to…well you know, perform coitus with the goat. Omo that he-goat dey desperate oh, e chase the female so te car almost jam am sef 😀 .

I couldn’t wait around to see if it was successful. I personally hope it was 😀

Like I usually do, I thought about it a little (I really can’t help myself). Many human beings are like this goat! May seem harsh, but I swear that’s the way it is. We just want to grab our ..*deep sigh* peninsula and insert them wherever, whenever (and however).

I know peeps would like to rationalize it by saying its more “sexy”, but please, a goat is a goat anytime! Lemme “BUTTress” my point with 2 real life examples.

Example 1:

Recently I went to this waterfall they call Erin – Ijesa with other peeps in my department. Need I say, for me it was an unmitigated disaster since I am deathly scared of heights! Anyway, Peeps climbed and climbed, and when they were done climbing they danced and danced (and I watched).
When they were tired we decided to leave. We all got in our buses, but there were two people left that weren’t in…a boy and a girl! You see where this is going right? They came back after a while, and if you see the girl ehn, her “string” was even showing sef (I’m sorry if I’m being a pervert). Everybody understood what had happened, and I thought it was pathetic! I mean, who has a quickie in Erin – Ijesa?? (Pardon me again if I’m not romantic). Shey na the view ni abi wetin??
What if some grasshopper now enters …*clears throat* like in that piranha movie??? O ma ga o

Example 2:
One night in school, I went out to meet up with my friends and get something to eat. I stopped outside a lecture room to make a call and chill a little (I think my asthma was acting up that night). 😦

The light was off in the Lecture room. All of a sudden, I started hearing noises..once again, you know where this is going right?:D. The noises became a little louder, and it started feeling awkward. I wanted to enter and turn on the light, but as a good boy J I didn’t. After a while, the two culprits came out and walked away! Na wa oh! Shey something dey sexy about classroom chairs ni abi wetin?? Didn’t these peeps consider the fact that someone (maybe a security guard) could just come in and turn on the light? If it was a security guard, I swear na straight rustication like old roofing sheet get them for my school.

Whatever happened to decency?? Or put in pidgin… Wetin happen to decency?

But seriously though, what happened to decency?? Why have we as humans reduced ourselves to common goats that would just do stuff like that by a roadside?? Sexual Intercourse is supposed to be a beautiful thing two people genuinely in love (and married) should “gracefully” perform in the solitude of their home. Why small human-goats have cheapened it now I dunno. Get a damn room, horny bunch >:0 !!

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Do the right thing at the right time? Is that what you’re saying? *bleh*

Personally I thought that last line was going to be “Honey Bunch, let’s get a room. 😐

Well there you have it… Call him a pervert… But please, in the comment box…