Welcome to today’s episode of TSS, sorry we couldn’t deliver a post last sunday… Expect a double post in coming weeks 🙂

So today, we’re going to be talking about haters (or haturrs) or bad bele people as I like to refer to them.

Bad bele is a pidgin slang for someone who’s against some other person’s progress usually without cause or justification. You can find them everywhere.

@TheLazyMedic: So why do people become “bad bele”

Thank you doc. Some people become “bad bele” out of sheer jealousy. They’re jealous of your open teeth, they’re jealous of the fact that all the boys in your school know the colour of your pant etc.

@djbomzy: so tell us uncle P, are there “bad belle” people on twitter?

Are there naked men in gay porn?

@Divaglown: So how do we recognise a “bad belle” person when we see one?

Thank you. There are no stereotypes to the looks of “bad belle” people. But statistics have shown that 65% of these special people are short… And carry green passports. -__-

@itsEDk: so wise one, who was the first “bad belle”.

If you’re thinking Terry G because of his infamous song, brethren you’re wrong. If you are a Christian and you’re very familiar with your bible. You must have heard of the name, Esau. Yes, Esau was the first “bad bele”.

*The End* (._.)

– @Punstarr



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