“There are goals, there are superb goals and then, there is Emmanuel Emenike’s goal

Hello people of God and those that think Nigeria will win the African Cup of Nations. *ducks slap* Did any of you see the game against Coté d’Ivoire? If you didn’t, biko go look at those goals… They remind me so much of my secondary school playing days.

Before I go on, this post was supposed to be posted in January, but somehow, the forces of laziness refused me to put this up. While I have taken care to make sure that I’ve adapted this post for today’s consumption… There are still going to be a few errors here and there.

*Here we go*

For me, this is already looking like a good year… I’m still alive, the curfew has been extended by a few hours, the family is still not making it to church early, fuel prices didn’t fluctuate.

Which brings us to the reason for today’s rant… Turn to the person on your left and tell her, “This is your year”…

…If one of your 15 boyfriends caught you cheating on him and has stopped sending you gifts every weekend… Don’t worry, this is still your year.

You’re 17 years and you call a man of 55, old enough to be your father, “baby”… Don’t worry, this is your year.

You ‘took’ N16billion from your state’s treasury and the EFCC has been witchhunting you since last year… Don’t mind them, this is your year.

Your landlord has threatened to drive you away from his house if you don’t pay your two years outstanding rent. He’s hating on you… Don’t worry, this is your year.

You come on twitter every friday night and tweet, “TGIF”, yet na you and your dog dey stay house from sunrise to sunset… Don’t worry, this is your year.

Your bestie, has a girlfriend and you still dress up every saturday and stay in the house… Unhappy. Don’t worry, this is your year.

You open a twitter account to jack tweets from @Sirkastiq, @TheGreyGenesis and @IamSorrell, @iamsupervillain and the rest of the TBH twitter brethren… Don’t worry, this is your year.

You’ve sold fufu as a blackberry phone to an unsuspecting brother. This is your year.

You follow a married man that is old enough to be your father to Piazza day in; day out and yet you put up on your pm, “My baby is cute”… This is your year.

If you’re in the university and you’ve watched more than 3 world cups and you’re watching your 7th nations… This is your year.

You’ve been abused because of your cup size and you’re believing God that this situation will change… Don’t worry, this is your year.

You have a backside that bears resemblance to an Olumba sign board… Sisteh, this is your year. 😦

The aboki on your street already knows how many packs of indomie you want to buy anytime you go to his shop. Don’t worry… This is your year.

You’ve been dating your boyfriend for 7 years and he didn’t hammer, the day you decided to break up, he won a mouthwatering contract… Don’t worry, sisteh, this is your year.

Are you that sister that has over 36 types of aso-ebi and your believing the Lord for your own white garment… This is your year.

Did your boo leave you for the real boo during the past holiday season? Does your boo, have a real boo somewhere else that you don’t know of? Fear not, this is your year.

You’ve been trying too hard to make the move up from LWKMD twitter to TBH twitter since 2010 and you’ve not succeeded yet… Don’t worry, this is your year.

Are you always the odd number in an even gathering? Have you been made the zonal director in your committee of female acquaintances… Don’t worry, this is your year.

So you think I wasn’t going to put up a TSS picture again right? ^_^ No, you’re wrong. So here we go, download and share.

If you feel you have an idea that can be used for TSS, kindly tweet at Wana or myself with the hash tag, #playbookutunuTSS

I don’t know how to go about introducing what I’m about to do so I will just pretend I have already introduced it.

From today, till next Sunday, we’ll be accepting entries for the #DesignsByNiro Design Giveaway.

*drum rolls*

We’ll be giving out 2 logos, 2 tshirt designs, 2 business cards and 2 wallpapers to our winners. Just like that!

This is not a competition, but in order to curtail the influx of entries, there will be a few ground rules.

To participate,

1. SUBSCRIBE to EMAIL UPDATES on this blog.
2. Follow @Punstarr on twitter.
3. Leave a comment here and tell us what your entry is. You can only pick one category.
4. Winners will be picked next sunday 🙂

Terms and conditions do apply.

– @punstarr

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