“I beliv SUPER EAGLE is lift d cup 2day” #gbagaun

“I’m ready to loose my virginity if Super Eagles Win today. ;)-| ;-SHH”

“UNBELIEVABLE: Today of all days that our super eagles are playing AFCON finals, PHCN has refused to restore power. Chei! Which way NIGERIA?”

“Super eagles vs handsome boys of burkina faso..GOD HAVE MERCY”

“Nigerians, pls stop saying God will win it for Super Eagles. Burkina Faso players are children of God too. #AFCON2013Final”

Words cannot explain the frenzy that has enveloped the Federal Republic of Nigeria because of football. For the first time in over a decade, the senior National team has given Nigerians something to be thankful for… On that note, you’re welcome to today’s showdown.

Seeing that I don’t really have much to say, I will just rant on about the African Cup of Nations. Can I?

First of all… Who is Bance? That’s the question I asked when I opened my twitter app this morning and saw all the “Bance” banter. Not wanting to carry last, I googled the picture and what I saw wasn’t far from the replies I got. Here are some of them:

“@ejibaby1: He is a Bfaso masquerade.@green_khalifa: He’s a dark-tree with a gold-colored bird’s nest ontop of d head.@punstarr: Who is this Bance guy?”

“@green_khalifa: He’s a dark-tree with a gold-colored bird’s nest ontop of d head. Lol “@punstarr: Who is this Bance guy?”

“@ceezamana24: @punstarr the man that wants to kill naija….” I guess this guy is from burkina faso. Smh

“@green_khalifa: He’s a dark-tree with a gold-colored bird’s nest ontop of d head. Lol “@punstarr: Who is this Bance guy?” < This got me rolling all morning. Sigh.

"@itspapibaby: He is d 1 who made Ghana Dance!!!!"@punstarr: Who is this Bance guy?" Did I hear "Bance go make her dance?"

Well some of them I said… Can we move on?

Is Victor Moses really 22?

Frankly I don't know. I'm 21… So is Wana and yet Moses looks like our father or is it because of the name? Well, let's see a picture of another 22 year old moses…

*Error Fetching Photo* Sorry.

What will you do when Nigeria wins the AFCON?

Some people expressly volunteered to "loose" their virginity, like the shiii was tied in the first place. Well, if I was the president, I will declare a public holiday for 3 days to add to the long list of holidays we already have in obodo Nigeria.

Is Ahmed Musa related to Mr Moe Musa?

Ehen? Why should I not ask? I mean, they're all Musa's (˘̯˘). 🙂

Does Ahmed Musa smoke?

Oh, please don't take this personal if you're a female and you don't expect me to talk about football on a day when the Super Eagles have united Nigeria more than oil and corruption. Back to Musa.

I don't know whether he smokes or drags, I've never met him… But let's be sincere, look at his dentition and the colour of his lips and add that to the fact that an average "aboki" can readily give up his last 20 for 2 sticks of cigarette instead of water… Do we need to provide further evidence?

That's all folks, now read the next paragraph while trying to imagine you're a sports commentator…

come 7pm in Johannesburg, South Africa… Its the Stallions of Burkina Faso trading tackles against the Super (Duper) Eagles of Nigeria for the 2013 African Cup of Nations trophy. Its a battle of blood and tears… A cracker!!! It is a duel between Burkina Faso's Bance and the Wonderkid from Nigeria, Victor Moses… Who will emerge victorious?


– @Punstarr



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