“Life is short… And hard”

I’ve found myself uttering these words repeatedly the past week. Not because, this week I saw and heard people that were regarded as healthy passing on to glory. Nah. That’s not why.

You see this life we live in? This same life where Vic O has a studio album? This same life where people seem healthy and the next day you hear that they’re no more? This same life where you must know someone that know someone that knows another person that knows the right person? This same life where you spend four years studying a course that makes you a slave to the west and a slave to life? This life… Is nothing but cold moin moin and a packet of nutri c mixed with water.

Some people will want to argue with me and say rubbish like, “The quality of life and the quality of the things you do are more important than the length of your days” to these set of people… Yimu.

“Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.” Have you ever been married? Have you ever come back home from work after nine hours and your wife serves you indomie? No? Then you’d know that quality paid for isn’t really quality until your face is pressed against the earth.

So why are we even here? Why do we exist?

Reuben Abati: We exist so that we can persist.

Sigh. Need I say more? This life is hard… And short.

Okay, so today’s picture is a quote I lifted off Kemi’s blog… You can find the original post HERE. She talks about the salient nature of life and the brevity of it. Please click the link if not she’ll sue me for copyright infringement. Sigh.

So ladies, gentlemen… You may now download, save, use as display pictures; twitter avatars; facebook pictures et al.

So as you go into the week, live like you’re living your last, give like you’d never get another opportunity to do so… Remember “Bintin L’aye” today you’re here… Tomorrow? You’re gone… Face pressed into the earth.

– @Punstarr

this life

this life

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