A little boy was sitting on the curb crying and an old man who was passing by came over to him. “What’s the matter, little boy?” he asked. “Why are you crying?”

The little boy said, “I’m crying because I can’t do what the big boys do.”

The old man sat down on the curb and cried too.

*A typical Nigerian, instead of saying “A little boy” would have used “Akpos”. Sigh. And before you know it, everybody is broadcasting it on social media. But because I’ve used “a little boy” now… It will not go viral 😦

Alas its yet another Mothers’ day. Another day when your bbm contacts exhibit all forms of hypocrisy and pseudo-hypocrisy. Yes, today you people shouldn’t even lie… Most of you didn’t even know today was mothers’ day until you saw 10 contacts put up pictures of their mom(s). I didn’t know either.


Who saw Banky W’s performance at the AMVCA (or Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards for the uninformed) yesterday? Plenty of you yea? That is what a performance should look like.

No, I’m not saying this because I’m a Banky W groupie or because he had back up dancers that did justice to the song. Well a little. But when you look at the fact that he didn’t mime the song but instead allowed the audience feel his vocal prowess… That gives me hope, that one day Nigerian artistes will stop coming to mime songs after being paid $3000 (or more) for a show. It was a great performance.

And then Eddie Kaddie made the night with his joke about a yoruba woman. If you didn’t watch it you won’t understand 😦

…And Omotola is still the real African Magic.

Also, the AMVCAs just established a long known fact that Nigerians like talking plenty, especially at Awards. You need to have seen Tunde Kelani when he said, “I want to thank the Nigerian pirates for giving us high blood pressure and stroke”. For real, he said that.

My genuine concern was in the “Best Cinematography” category… Before the winner was announced, I said to myself, “No Nigerian can win in this category” and a Nigerian didn’t win. No, I’m not hating or being biased (maybe I’m a little biased) I’m just concerned that a movie industry that has been around for over two decades cannot produce 10 movies that can compete internationally each year.

I mean, how can a bottle of wine fall from someone’s hand and it will bounce like a basketball? That’s what one Nollywood film maker wanted me to believe. It will not work.

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