How far?!

I can’t even start laying down excuses explaining why I’ve not blogged in a while even after promising to post at least a picture every Sunday. But, I’m a responsible man, responsible men are accountable for their actions, I am responsible (don’t know if I’m a man yet) and I deserve to give a reason for my absence.

[                                                                 ] «« There goes my reason inside this bracket. None whatsoever. None bruh.

That doesn’t mean I’ve not had what to blog about in a long while, nope, I’ve had tons of things to write rant about and more but since the birth of my daughter I’ve found it really hard juggling between fatherhood and maintaining a robust blogging habit. I don’t even know what I just said, but then it makes me sound cool.


Have you listened to… *scratch that* if you’ve not listened to any of the following songs, “Rotate by Wande Coal”, “Lift him up by Duncan Mighty”, “Jaiye Jaiye by Wizkid” among many I’d like to mention but have not paid mention fees, then my brother you’ve bagged a masters in LASTMA management.

It’s not even about the songs, it’s about the comments that follow them on NotJustOk and twitter. And as a matter of fact, if you’re an artiste, don’t ever take the comments section of NJO seriously. Here’s why

“ the worst trolls on earth happen on NotJustOk”

And I’m not lying. *insert story of how Davido was trolled on NJO after he released “Dami Duro” and how they’re now singing his praises after Gobe. David though.

Then Wizkid released Jaiye Jaiye… And then someone said and I quote,

“Skales has gone to learn Wizkid’s form of rhyming, now Wizkid has changed pattern… Skales should just hire Wizzy’s babalawo”

And the man died.

I would not want to talk much about Duncan Mighty… But I’m still going to say a few words. *switches to gangsturr accent pack v2.1”

“Yo Duncan, I dunno watcha doing in Africa over the summer, but imma say this one time and one time only, get back to New York and start a tour of America.

Secondly Duncan, what you call the man that supply your weed? That negro doing good work, supplying you the stuff that makes you do such good music, cos your last two singles have been *cough* Heavenly. *Joyful Joyful plays in Background”

But seriously, Duncan mighty has not dulled since he parted ways with the diamond man, Chris Aire. I know y’all didn’t know Duncan Mighty signed a partnership with Chris (Chris and I, we go way back)… See why y’all need to subscribe and tap into the wisdom of Playbookutunu™?

And Don Jazzy…

Always releases songs while “shepherds watch their flock by night*” (pacific standard time) and then makes sure you do not have an excuse not to see a link to the song by the time you wake up in the morning… Marketing strategy toh quality… Take notes. Meanwhile, I’ve heard his voice in way too many songs, he should chill until he’s ready to give me an album, I can’t be teased this way ^.^

You can only run mad…

…date four girls at the same time as a guy, only when you have nine lives. I mean, how do you share DP space equally between four girls in 24 hours. Impossible. Let’s say you’re like my brother Naijadude who and you’ve amassed excess knowledge in Mathematics and astronomical physics and you decide to allot six hours apiece, [NB: You’re dealing with ladies] the moment you use someone’s dp for 5hrs59secs59ms, congratulations my brother, you’ve just given birth to WWIII. Be Afraid.

My advice? Get a side chick.

I don’t need to tell you the benefits, I’ve never had a side chick. Maybe ask… oh here is Ese Peters.

Ese Peters…

…Can sing!!! Ideytellyou!!! The guy just dey form Trey Songz anyhow on that Omoté song, no be him fault… Na God give am voice. Meanwhile someone said my voice isn’t good for singing, I mean, compared to V-I-C?

The greatest motion picture ad of all time is…

“I don Port”. You can’t even deny it, its Saka for the gyals dem. The guys who handled the Etisalat ad were just forcing that guy to be convincing, he did not try. I’m still going to “Switch” though.

Have you ever imagined…

What this blog would look like if I and Wana didn’t support Manchester United? Don’t even imagine, United is the best that there can be. To the Arsenal fans over there, 2014 is another year. Hope.

2Face and Jimmy Jatt lied…

This Lagos wey we dey so, is not our own at all! I can’t count how many times I’ve misplaced/lost my belongings to the “streets”, the most recent of which is my less than one month old Nokia 103 (pictured below). I don’t know. Idk

Olympus has fallen (don fall, na who push am)…

And this next paragraph has nothing to do with why it feel, how it fell, where it fell, who it fell on or who fell it, instead… I’m informing y’all that my birthday is in a few months and I won’t mind early birthday presents; the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be a good gift to start with. :).

In other news, expect a TSS post this Sunday, I’ve got a goody bag. Also, from next week, I’ll be dropping one mix every friday or,,, and Subscribe to these blogs so you don’t miss out, and send your music to


Barce70na has bowed out of the champions league, Real Madrid too. Robert Lewandowski is a distant cousin (explains the Robert in my name).

  • The police is your friend; So I heard.
  • Remember to pay your taxes; The government wants to use it.
  • Don’t litter the streets; Be Godly.
  • Use protection. Pampers and Huggies are very expensive.
  • Use pedestrian bridges; Hospitals are not functional.
  • Be global; Join AIESEC.
  • Follow @DJNIRO84 on twitter/instagram. Unfollow @Oluwanababa if you’ve already followed him. 😐 

Ekò nì bájè o


  1. The contents of paragraph 4 like, Committee reports in Nigeria, shouldn’t be taken at face value.
  2. I can actually sing.
  3. There’s a Robert somewhere in my name and yes, I’m distant relatives with Robert Lewandowski.
  4. The law is not your friend. The police are a product of the law. The police therefore…
  5. I do not know what Astronomical physics is, do not use it in an arguement.


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