Good evening.

Before you start reading this post, I advise that you put on your scuba gear. Because this post is deep. So Deep you’d think it was the post that sang Pop Off Selecta.

I won’t even start making excuses for why I haven’t posted in a while. *sigh*

I miss my blog though. I miss the good old days when I would write a post and y’all would laugh and call me a crazy twisted idiot and I would see the comments and look up in the sky and cry saying “Daddy we did it again”.

Good times.

I’m not even in the posting state of mind. I think I have Writer’s Block (that’s the excuse we all use when our brains are blanker than a blanket).

I used to think it was a myth though, and that Esse and the rest were just lazy. Now that I know it’s real, can you please unblock me, @writer? Thank you.

On a real though, I think I’ve lost all interest in ranting. Mainly because I grew up.

Writing/reading dumb stuff was fun when we were young. I opened this blog in 2009. That’s 4 years ago, mahn.

Sadly, I cannot pull a Styl-Plus and sing “4 years don waka, we still dey carry go”… Mehn fuck that shit. I ain’t carrying shit go anywhere.

4 years ago, I was a bored human being who spent his days hunting chicks on Hi5. Now I’m a semi-adult with a girlfriend and loads of bukata.

So in essence, no Facebook Love, I think the main reason I lost interest in this blog was because it wasn’t producing money.

I love ranting, and judging by the history of this blog, I’m quite good at it. But at this age and time when Postinor is N600, that just doesn’t cut it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love making people laugh. It has just reached the point where your LOLs don’t motivate me that much anymore.

Imagine the following scenario:

Me: Good afternoon. I would like 2 tickets to Man Of Steel.

Silverbird Cinemas staff: Okay, that would be 5 LMAOs. Thank you.

Or this:

Me: Ekasan ma, mo fe ra Moin-Moin meta.

Old Abeokuta Woman: O da. Owo e je LMFAO meta ati LOL kan.

Imagine if the scenarios painted above actually happened commonplace. Wallahi I go dey post every day. Which brings me to my topic.

Make it or make it.

I wrote a tweet yesterday that went, “What if we don’t make it, financially?”, and one answer was “We have no option. We have to make it or make it.”

I stopped writing here mainly when I started blogging for 360nobs. And 360nobs pays me well enough to make me command Terdoh to rub my head, turn his ass to me and scream “Spank me, Wana!”

The money is good, but the question now is, is it worth everything, including the happiness I used to derive from here?

LOL. Some people are probably are wondering when Wana became this deep. I’m on a 9k pussy P mehn.

That was not a sub though. Not in the mood for subs today. This is a serious post.

Ice Prince: I throw subs when I’m drinking lime, so you can say I’m sublime.

As we were yarning.

Another reply was “If we don’t make it financially, we had better make it spiritually.”

That answer gives an option. If you can’t make it financially, don’t let the other parts of your life suffer. Try and be happy and holy. ‘Cause it doesn’t make sense if you are sharing bed space with rats in this world then you’ll now go and share bed space with Adolf Hitler in Hell. Makes no sense whatsoever.

I’m sure most people would go for the first answer, because we don’t want to imagine a life where we can’t afford to buy table of N1million at Wizkid’s album launch, or the life where you’d still be using a Samsung Galaxy S4 when the S17 has come out.

I though, subscribe to my own option, which is Make It Or Be Happy.

Because the fact is… Chill, it’s grammatically wrong to start a sentence with Because, yeah? My bad.

*cleans fingers* This is because the fact is that not all of us will find wealth in what makes up happy, or happiness in what makes us wealthy.

If that were the case, I’d get paid for eating Moin-Moin, @YouJinadu would get paid for having a big head and Kelvin would get paid for being a useless white fowl.

Sadly, that is not the case. So how far are we willing to make it or make it? Are you willing to earn 200k a month to proof-listen Tonto Dikeh’s songs? Are you willing to be LAWMA’s main shit-packer for 500k a month?

Me? I’ve decided I’m going to be happy.

Though some people will see it as mediocre or unambitious, I think I’m gonna put my happiness above everything else.

I think I’d rather live in a 2-bedroom flat in Fola Agoro (whoever gave that place this name is one razz muthafucker) and be happy as hell than live in a mansion in Banana Island and have an angry, sad life.

I’m not saying I won’t strive to get the mansion in Banana Island, but I’mma quit the hustle if it gets in the way of my happiness.

Life is too short not to be happy.

Life is too short to kill yourself in the name of money that you won’t carry to the Hell it would lead you too.

Life is too short not to take out a moment and say “Wana is awesome.”

This has been a Public Service Announcement from Wana, sponsored by the Illuminati, who urge you to remember that money is everything and the Devil can help you get it.

Laters, baby.