I have to be done with this post in 10 minutes. I don’t know if it’s gonna count for the #LoveTNC competition, but I’m gonna write it either way.

Talk about an Adrenaline Rush. Heart racing like it’s a NASCAR vehicle #Yung6ixBars.

LOL. I won’t even go there.

Hello people. Been a while.

I should have written this post like 2 weeks ago, but I had seen so many awesome #LoveTNC entries that I just had to park well, no Ji-Sung. Like I saw the guy that customized an original football jersey with #LoveTNC. That shit is like N12,000. Father Lord people have money. When I’m still scamming keke napep drivers for N500.

Once again, I will not go there

He’s not going to win though. It was an Arsenal jersey he customized šŸ˜„


I’ve just been blabbing since.Ā  Back to the matter. Why I love The Naked Convos.

There are 2 reasons why I love that blog.

The first reason is that I learnt a lot from the writers on that blog. Kelvin, Terdoh, Uncle Tula himself. That I have been blessing you people with awesomeness on this blog for over 3 years is partly in thanks to them.

The 2nd reason, and probably the most important, is Moin-Moin.

For those who have read at least 5 lines on any of my blog posts, you can easily deduce that I am a Moin-Moin fanatic.

Moin-Moin has been an important element of my writing, and TNCĀ  is where it all started.

A comment on an awesome post by The Toolsman, and that’s why I love TNC.

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11:58pm. Fuck. Posted!