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It is Mayowa’s birthday today. Happy birthday bro.

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That being said, my “New Year” wishes are in order; Happy “New Year” guys.

When you bet, you risk a sum of money or valued item against someone else’s on the basis of the outcome of an unpredictable event such as a race or game.

Growing up as a kid in Port Harcourt, the word bet used to be very sacred, fact, you had to do a 360 degrees spin to make sure your older siblings weren’t within earshot. But now, all that has changed. Even when 2013 has been acknowledged globally as the “year of the selfie,” I think it should have been, “the  year of the betting revolution”, because I’m sure that in 2013 alone, over a hundred betting site/houses sprung up across all corners of Lagos. It was so bad that some people had to do a rebranding and change their names to stay ahead of the competition.

betting graph
evolution of the word betting

At one point in time, some of us have placed bets in one form or the other even though they were so minute that we didn’t care about the outcome (You married folks always place bets, let’s not even pretend). But the way these guys took o’er the streets, you would think that heavens were opened and it rained betting sites. I even think there are more betting houses than churches in Lagos right now (and there are so many churches!)

And it takes approximately 10 – 12 Million to fully set-up a betting portal I heard.

Nowadays, everywhere you turn to you see a very eager man clutching a very long roll of paper, be ye not confused, they aren’t toilet rolls, they are rolls of football predictions for the matches that are being played during the weekend (or midweek).

Now I’m not against people placing bets on their favourite sports teams (money has to be made yea?), what I’m saying here is, you do not have to “accumulate” points from leagues you know nothing of, or you haven’t watched them play before. You are not Nostradamus stop trying so hard to be a prophet! Well if you want to be, use it for a greater good.

So how do you become a rock star at betting? Take down notes as I share some words of wisdom.

Be legal:  Nobody is talking about a law degree or having a legal counsel here. You should be at least 18 years (I think some portals won’t pay you if you’re below this age) so you wouldn’t have to get into trouble with law enforcement. This is the first rule.

Watch games: Do not bet on teams you have not heard anything in your lifetime. It is easier to bet on teams you have a little knowledge of than teams you have no idea about their team structure.

Let’s use Manchester United for an example. Now imagine they were not a premier league team, maybe they played somewhere in the 3rd division of the Russian league where they won the league and were promoted to the second league. Some one that is rational will place the “odds” on the United team, because he thinks they just won a championship and they have never lost to their opponents. But then, there is a change in the coach,  injuries and then the weather may be snowy. The betting site won’t tell you all these things, the football sites would probably not tell you these things either.

So you end up trying to predict the scoreline, let’s say a 2-0 victory in favour of United and in your mind you’ve cleared your “ticket” for the weekend . But game day comes and then they lose due to some of the factors I already listed.

Ps: I just tried to explain to you guys why Manchester United lost to Chelsea yesterday. #MoyesOUT

Do not place all your eggs in one basket: While it is easier said than done, do not “accumulate” more than 10 matches on a ticket. I know it’s always tempting (after all the attendant tells you that you can win up to N185000 if you combine those 45 matches and bet with just N1000) but always resist that urge and split the gaddem tickets.

On one ticket, predict games that you are quite sure of; while on the other ticket you can go all Nostra and predict all your ambitious scoreline. That way you can break even, even if you do not win.

Do not ever place your bet on Manchester United: I know it’s hard not to want a victory for your team, but let’s face it… They can’t even WIN! Well until something better happens, if you have to ever place a bet, “both teams to score” looks like your safest bet if you do not want to turn up at work on Monday morning looking like you got hit by a wrecking ball.

Always bet on London Teams: If you invested in Tottenham 5 games ago, you would be sitting on top of Nairabet’s account right now, but most of you didn’t see that coming. You wrote off Adebayor. Look at him now. I’m not even going to talk about Arsenal who have made 3 points look like a birthright; or Chelsea that haven’t lost in a while. (Ps: February 22nd, you might have to bet on a Manchester team though).

Do not bet: Yea I know that it’s hard, but betting spoils the beauty of the game of football. Look what happened in Italy. Imagine if you had to bet on “Game of Thrones” or “SUITS”, would you still pay attention the way you do now? Or if you had to predict the words from the next Ice Prince Rap song (p.s.: this would be easy), so while I understand the need to make money out of everything, please know that betting leads to match fixing and match fixing leads to foul play, and foul play would lead to politics; and politics makes every good thing bad.

I don’t want soccer to become TNA wrestling, do you? Definitely not.

Stay winning,




While I don’t encourage betting, as a Nigerian, I welcome freewill donations from your winnings when any of my tips are used. These “rhema” are not actually free.

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