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Right now as I’m writing this, I’m so hungry I can eat 10 packs of 70g noodles. But I cannot eat, I’m not kidding. This United of 2013/14 has made me lose my appetite on so many occasions I’ve now decided to never watch United play on an empty stomach. (ps: this was after the match last night)
I’ve been advised by so many people to stop supporting United, I get calls that taunt me on my team’s predicament after every match  (some even said I should quit watching soccer games totally). It’s not as easy as it is, so I’ve decided to outline the basic problems of the Manchester United team instead of blacklisting the team after my own heart.
United fans are going to lose appetite a lot more this season. Even though I promised not to watch any more United games till the end of the season, I still cannot help it. If you’ve been supporting United for a while, you will know that we do not lose anyhow, and with the way we lose these games, it is enough for someone to lose appetite and spend the rest of the day in hunger. P.s I advise you to make sure you have had all your meals for the day before watching a United game (even if it is at 12 noon).
Manchester United needs to do a “Tottenham” and buy a whole new squad. We do not have a bench or a second eleven. Imagine losing to a team that’s on the bottom 3 of the EPL.
There’s no team morale. While the players of Sunderland came together during team talk, the United team was scattered and taking orders separately. What kind of a team does that? Even during the Fergie republic those boys had to stay close to make sure they heard whatever the manager had to say, but watching them yesterday, I knew all that had gone away.
Antonio Valencia is a preprogrammed player. That Valencia guy? He knows what he’s going to do in the 77th minute even before the game kicks off. He cannot make tactical decisions on whether to move left, move right, or lay a through pass. For example, we already know that if he jumps twice, he’s going to take a shot (and he never fails to do so, even if everywhere is blocked)
This Manchester United team is tired already. While the Sunderland players were still forging ahead, it was too obvious that the likes of Rafael, Hernandez and Danny Welbeck were already too tired to make things happen. We do not even have a bench! Look at relatively small Premier League teams having a better bench than we do. For instance in the match on Wednesday night, Sunderland brought in the likes of “New Jersey boy” Altidore and Gardner and that changed the game in their favour.
Manchester United are not title contenders anymore. Even though United supporters would argue this, our problems started from the last game of last season when Fergie took charge of his last game. The current manager has still not fit in fully into the vacuum left by his predecessor. For a team like Chelsea to “consider” selling Juan Mata to us, it shows you much confidence other teams have in our disabilities. This life.
I think Jose Mourinho does not like Juan Mata. Still on “the Juan and only”, I think Jose Mourinho does not like that guy at all. If not explain why a coach would sell a top talent thst has played in Europe for the past two seasons to a rival club that has little or no prospects of playing in Europe next season. What did Mata do? Or is Mou sending us a saviour.
 Losing games is the new cool at Old Trafford. Just come all ye that are heavy laden and three points shall be served to you on a platter. There is a new type of point collection system in the EPL; you’re team is rocking the boat, you go to Old Trafford and collect some healing. This sad life.
Arsenal fans are going to take jabs at us for a very loooooong time. With these current run of results, Manchester United would remain the subject of football jokes for football fans globally, especially Arsenal. This is understandable though, seeing we actually did the same thing to them when it was rough for their team.
Manchester United will not be one of the top 3 richest clubs in the world any time soon. We all know that trophies and appearances at competitions, ticket sales, merchandise etc. contribute largely to the economic fortunes of a football club (maybe not everyone knows this), but the truth is, with the current state of affair at OT, our stay in the big money club, would come to an end sooner than we expect.
This is because;
  • As it stands now, we are not going to the UEFA champions league next year. The effect of this is that we would not be sharing in the television rights from the UCL, we would not be playing on Wednesday/Tuesday nights (and therefore empty stands. Empty stands no revenue).
  • We are not winning the league either, that means we are not getting prize money for winning the league like we did last year. Further loss of revenue.
  • We are out of the FA Cup. That means no matchday ticket sales, no prize money and no revenue.

I am not a financial expert, neither am I a seasoned analyst, but as a supporter of The Greatest Football Club  in the World, Manchester United who is so used to winning and smiling after games, that all this is strange and saddening.

We need our winning mentality back.

Until next time,

This is Manchester United!

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