His Excellency, B. A. Tinubu, the chief landlord of Lagos. The one who says a thing and it becomes pseudo-law.

His Excellency, B. R. Fashola, the incumbent Governor of Lagos State,

Obas, traditional rulers, Emirs, traders, ladies and gentlemen,

All protocols duly observed,

I’m going to make this post short seeing that I’ve been writing letters all week, so I’m going to get this done in <500 words.

I would like to provide a brief introduction and get us familiarised with the reason we have bothered to leave our busy schedules to visit this blog. We are here today because of something that has been on the hearts of every Lagosian regardless of whether they stay in Akoka or Makoko, we are here because we want change.

We are not just here because of change anyway, we are here because we seek to change an order that is threatening to destroy the socio-economic landscape of our city and our great state,  an issue so problematic that it has swept through the echelons of our very existence; has disregarded the right to self-actualization; has made us stay back while our compatriots in other parts of the world are advancing at the speed of light. This problem fellow Lagosians, has come to stay and we must join hands and combat this cancer-worm that is threatening to frustrate the living daylights out of our people.

Why do I need change?

I need change because lack of it has made me miss key Premier league games because I couldn’t cab driver doesn’t have change and he’d rather that I leave my money with him than he leaves his ₦50 in my pocket.

Change has made me stay hungry for hours in traffic because the Gala seller doesn’t have change for ₦200 and I have to endure countless hours of hunger in Lagos traffic and in so doing, I’ve lost over 5kg over the last couple of weeks.

I am tired of having to go around looking for someone to split my ₦1000 note so I can buy my small agege bread in peace, neither do I have the will power to leave my ₦590 for the recharge card seller when I buy MTN voucher for ₦410 instead of ₦400. And please don’t tell me to buy ₦750, it’s not your money.

I am tired of waiting beside the queue at the bus station because I want to pay ₦70 for a bus pass and the dealer (for lack of a better title) would impolitely ask you to chill around the corner until she can find some change leaving me stranded for several minutes and depriving me the opportunity of picking a good seat in  the bus.

I don’t know how many times I have to say this till someone gets it. Lagos needs change! A whole damn lot of it, and I kid you not.

So can somebody fucking print some more currency notes?


Until next time,