I used to get angry at my favorite rappers writers when they didn’t update their blog for long periods of time. I didn’t understand, because I was just a happy young man eating roast plantain and grilled fish and didn’t care about life. 


See? Food for champions
See? Food for champions
But some months down the line, I’ve been found guilty of the same thing I accused people of —writer’s block.
This isn’t a regular post anyway, I’m just going to go round and say a few things about what’s been going on around me and hope you will be inspired.
This year has been really hectic. You have to believe this because coming from someone who likes to be busy, I’m finding it tiring already. But then nothing good comes easy.
I started developing an app that died in development and here I am, back at the drawing board working on the second app/service. Sometimes I want to tell myself I’ve failed shamelessly, but then when I remember the words of Tomi Ahonen, “Rovio made 49 games before Angry birds” and while I don’t want to make 50 apps before I hit the bullseye, I won’t stop trying.
I had the privilege of attending Mobile West Africa 2014 which held in Lagos in the second week of May. One key thing I learnt from attending that conference was that you could make something out of a past time. I’m saying this from the perspective of Tunji Adegbesan of Giddimo, who said they became “accidental CEOs”. I’m still waiting for someone to pay me $19b for doing absolutely nothing but sit and watch TV. Hello anybody?
On the other hand, plenty has been ongoing in the country. From the kidnapping of school children in the north to bomb blasts in Abuja and Jos, we can only pray and hope that the perpetrators are brought to book regardless of what interests they are fighting for.
While I was away I suffered a series of heartbreaks from watching Manchester United go from English Premier League champions to mid table contenders —and caused me to sleep hungry on many weekends.
But then #TheTPL has changed some of that, I am part of an awesome makeshift football team that gets together once a weekend regardless of everyone’s busy schedule to train and chart the way forward for the country over green bottles and brown swallows. Literally.
If you’re in Lagos on the 29th of May (which is Thursday by the way), don’t forget to come to Meadow Hall Secondary school Astro Turf and watch us play a mini tournament against supporters of Arsenal, Chelsea and “The Rebels”.
After five months of living in denial, I’ve finally gone back to designing graphics and websites. Now I’m wondering what I want to do with my political science degree at this stage of my life. Maybe I should run for public office? Lol. But then for real, how do clients feel when agencies refuse to deliver on projects? Let me give you a clue… someone gets fired.
Gosh I’m so funny 🙂 Sigh.
Meanwhile is it just me or do network providers text Nigerians more than their partners? Because I’m trying to make sense of why I should be the recipient of countless messages from Airtel either subscribing me to an unsolicited bundle or telling me to call a certain number and get “free credit”. Even more annoying is the telemarketing when they call me when I’m busy and play adverts to me.
I think it’s about time mobile networks respect the privacy of their subscribers and stop sending them targeted adverts using the same information they swore to keep secret (sim registration information).
In more heart warming news, youth service ends some time in June, tell your boss I’m available to attend interviews and talk about how we can move his business forward.
Until next time when I’m reading for a test and I need something to distract me from sleeping,
Your man,