I don’t know a thing about women, trust me, you don’t either.

The earliest manifestation of the female form can be traced to biblical times (as found in the book of Genesis) when God decided man was lonely and needed a companion.

Most human beings, come into the world through these same species of human and interact with them until they die. Yet no one has been able to prescribe a fail safe way to make a woman happy. How she likes her tea, how she likes her compliments (saucy, hot, condescending etc.).

We men complain a lot that women are difficult to handle, some even go as far as saying, they’re unnecessary evils. I beg to differ, women are lovely beings. Love them when you can, and when you can’t. This is the first rule.

That doesn’t mean women do not have their own flaws, I mean who apart from Beyoncé doesn’t have any of those? None I tell you.

God bless all the good women out there; the ones who don’t whine unnecessarily, who don’t ask you to choose between them or 90 minutes of EPL/UCL action, who can cook noodles properly and won’t salt the noodles; those women who don’t expect mind reading skills from their partners. God bless them all.

Ps: This is some random musing I had some time ago and it is posted unedited. Errors and omissions are expected.

Ps2: I promise to publish an edited version soon enough, so pay no mind to the featured image.

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