Sometime ago in  June (or July?) I deleted my instagram due to the frustrations of keeping up with uploading a new picture everyday and still not hitting the 50 likes landmark. Very frustrating period of my life (I was also using MTN data at the time too).

Right now I do not have an instagram account, but once in a while I check up on some profiles to have a laugh or two from some of my favourite accounts. And because I am feeling generous this week (for obvious reasons), I am going to share these not so rare accounts with you. 


In every where people gather, there are always those who set themselves apart from the crowd (without showing cleavage) and take the things we’d normally do from ordinary to Cristiano Ronaldo. They abound amongst us, and today we celebrate those who take out time to make us laugh (and rake in advertising money in the process).

Now this list is by no means an endorsement of any sort, but yea, just check them out and let me know what you think.


Woske is a producer (he did a record off Falz’s new album, Toyin Tomato) as well as a DJ and some other stuff he does. But this “omo Ibadan” has carved a niche for himself on instagram with rib cracking jokes, mini series and hilarious covers of popular songs (with Iyanya being the most covered).

Why I like this account is because he spends time in creating his content and they are mostly original content he edits himself.

#tbt This joke is #MoistThursdayTins

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2. Emmaohmagod You don’t see many radio jockeys that can effectively blend jokes as good Emma does. I just started going through his profile and so far I’m impressed. Let me leave you with this video which he talks about women/relationships/cheating et al

3. Falzthebahdguy Falz is a laywer by training, musician by hustle (business/trade) and comedian when he’s not doing any of the aforementioned. Falz’s main strength is the way he switches from simple English, to a complex yoruba accent that will make a vegetable seller at Oyingbo market green with envy. Literally

4. Samtakesoff

There’s a saying that if you do not know/follow Samuel Okafor on Instagram, you are not doing instagram correctly.

Samtakesoff is arguably one of the biggest accounts I have seen that hasn’t dropped the bar in the quality of jokes he dishes off, most of which have been regrammed and re-looped a billion times over! Okay, maybe I said too much. Here’s your passport to an unproductive day…

How african kids be when their parents catch them in a lie 😂 #SamTakesOff

A video posted by Samuel Ndubuisi Okafor (@samtakesoff) on Oct 10, 2014 at 3:50pm PDT

5. DJECOOL is yet another DJ making people laugh, ECOOL stands out amongst the many accounts I have visited recently (don’t ask me why I am visiting many pages) and everytime he delivers interesting content. Although he doesn’t do plenty of videos, when he comes through, he always comes correct! Don’t take my word for it just see the video below.

I know I said  5, but here’s one more account I’ve been looking for…

6. Chief_Obi

There had to be a Port Harcourt bred boy on this list eh. I had to get that out.

Already doing shows all over obodo america, Obi flirts with topics ranging from family issues to Father/son relations and delivers his comic sketches in such a unique way that makes you want to wonder if he receives his revelations in his sleep or if he is really observant. I’d take the former.


So that’s it, my top 5 (+1) instagram accounts for when I want to exhaust my data subscription or ease the tension from the stress of being a Nigerian, but since Nigerian data is never enough, it certainly is to ease tension.

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Oh, and leave a comment  with your favourite instagram account, let’s be happy together!

PS: It’s my birthday week, better be on your good behaviour in the comments.

Until next time.


Niro 🙂


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