Hey guys, Niro here.

Firstly, I’d like to use this opportunity to wish everyone a happy new year, I know it’s coming at the other half of the month, but then, it’s better later than never. So happy new year and have an awesome, blessed and fulfilled year.

TL;DR – There is more joy in gaining 50 fantasy football points than gaining 50 likes on Instagram.

I’ve not had an Instagram account since I deleted my last one roughly six months ago, the reason being that I was tired of posting selfies and check my phone anxiously for double figure likes to no avail. I’d done everything in the “instagram cheat sheet” to make sure I positioned myself to receive my likes, but it never happened.

Or it did, when I posted the picture of a female. And even that got just sixty something (before that I bared had more than thirty).

There’s this quote about nature abhorring vacuum, and it was the case when I quit Instagram, sooner than later, I found a new home on Fantasy Football (Soccer for those of you reading in North America).

Here’s how Fantasy football works… You are given a budget of a hundred million pounds which you then use to shop for players to fill up your team and then select your team every week and get points when your players perform well in real life. Not so easy.

Anyway, this is not an FPL tutorial site, so I’ll leave the stories for later. But here’s the main thing you should remember from this post: 50 fantasy premier league points offer more excitement than 50 Instagram likes. And they’re genuine.

I’m not trying to start an idea war or something, so I will stop here for now.

I would be writing again soon.


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