In life there are several truths or truisms that everybody agree to and would readily append their signature to in defence should the need arise. These truths include the fact that Germany won the WorldCup in 2014, An African Nations Cup without Nigeria sucks major balls (no pun intended), Delta women are awesome, Rivers men and gods with their mouth (make of that what you will, I meant good musicians), but then, there are several other truths/facts that have nicodemously eluded the comprehension of the human race, they include: why did the chicken cross the road; the chicken and the egg which came first; and the most important, are women rational beings or not.

Today I’m going to be doing a quick expose on what it takes to score a typical Nigerian girl regardless of the geographical location wherein you have found her. While I would not be going into how to keep her to yourself outside of marriage as the last man who tried to do this died of a cardiovascular attack.

In September last year I someone argued said something about women opting for any man that comes for them after a certain age, with an emphasis on Nigerian women, and because I could not stand his disrespect and objectification of the Nigerian woman, I decided to find out what endeared them to the male Nigerian specie. I wanted to get a glimpse of how women think and arrive at a decision to let themselves loose on a man (or let a man have them, depending on what side of the divide that you stand on) and by so doing, prove that the women of the most populous black nation do not “care” about their relationship status, and won’t be coerced into a relationship for that singular reason.

To get the ball rolling, I took a sample of 125 females ranging from 21-32. Some married, some unmarried and living in different locations around the world, and asked them either of two questions, “Why would you go on a date with a man” or “what is the silliest reason you’ve gone on a date for”.

I won’t bore you with some other tiny details and the likes, but according to my research, only 1 person ever agreed to the fact that she went on a date with someone because she was single. Mind = blown. And even at that, I have reasons not to include her answer, because she also agreed that she had “other boyfriends” on the side at the time, but there was no C-In-C.

In closing I’d like to say this, a girl might go on a date with you and yet isn’t ready to get physical with you (or won’t ever get physical). Next time you take a girl out on a date, let your intentions be known, seek her consent before attempting to consummate the evening (or afternoon). In order words, if she says no, leave her alone.

PS: I have arranged some of the responses I got in a nice infographic below for your information (and possible action)

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