Hey guys, Niro here to do a little house keeping and make sure you guys are still as awesome as ever seeing as the premier league just ended and some of us are headed for an excruciating period without football.

If you follow twitter on this side of the world closely, by now you’ll be overwhelmed with the topics that are discussed there daily… From the downright hilarious to the surprisingly ridiculous – there’s never been a dull moment, especially through the week that just ended.

One topic that particularly caught my fancy was the issue of women pounding yam for their significant other (be it husband, boyfriend, side piece etc). I won’t go into the details of how that debate went, but I’m going to be giving my two cents anyway.

I’ve never been married before, but somehow I’ve learnt from people that have made this commitment that getting married especially in this part of the world requires two people who understand that they’re going to be bored together or happy together for a long time (depending on how well the marriage is executed) and so there are certain things that are usually overlooked in order for peace to reign. One of which is pounding yam.

Personally, I think eating pounded yam is dependent on the person involved: some people can’t go a week without eating morsels (or swallow) while some others can’t go light years without thinking of pounded yam and so to better deal with this, it would be in your best interest to understand your partner – their likes, dislikes etc. As an aside personally I haven’t nursed the idea of eating pounded yam all year, so when eventually marriage catches up with me that won’t be a problem.

Secondly, in a case where the man in the relationship/marriage is pro-pounded yam, there are a plethora of ways it can be dealt with. In this part of the world there’s hardly a house without dependants who can undertake this task, the goal is to make pounded yam and not the wife/girlfriend to pound the yam. If that’s not the case, then of course the man can pound his yam afterall he is the one that wants to eat pounded yam (that doesn’t mean the wife can’t give it a go).

While these are ideal situations and can’t be replicated across board, I feel people in relationships should learn to make sacrifices for the other person… The man shouldn’t be working from 6am to 10pm every weekday and when he asks for pounded yam you tell him to come and pound. People have become “the first wife” for things less than this, the universe won’t forgive you. Better pound that yam before you man starts pounding someone else. Ehen.

Today’s post was powered by malaria drugs, fried rice and chicken and might have contained violent language, but the key thing to remember is something my friend always says, “relationships aren’t a bed of roses, make sacrifices and respect your partner’s choices”.

Until next time, stay winning