Hey guys!

Long time, no see right? Yea I know, I miss writing on this blog too but it is hard to be irresponsible and still manage to churn out words on a notepad, nonetheless, I am here now, and that’s all that matters.

So over the weekend, I was in Lagos for TPL5, and boy did I have so much fun —from the food, to getting a hold of a signed copy of Osisiye Tafa’s Sixty Percent of A True Story, which by the way is a pretty awesome piece of literature. You should go check it out.

So where was I? Yes, TPL5.

So at TPL5, I played my first game for my newTPL team, The Royals where we came 2nd losing to The Saints in the final, but it was worth more than football I tell you. There was the joy of meeting the people I’ve always taunted on twitter as well as seeing my old team mates from The Red Devils for the first time in months, and also not forgetting the very long drive through Third Mainland Bridge traffic.

Not to forget that I almost missed my flight this morning (as at 9:35 I was just getting into the taxi that was going to take me to the airport and barely made it to the airport at 10:00am just 10 minutes shy of when the flight was intended to take off). and in the process got harassed for a total of N1500 because the final boarding call for the flight had already been made, only for me to get through the security check, and rush to the boarding gate and I was told the plane had not started boarding! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaay why are human beings like this. And just as I was about logged on to enjoy glo’s free airport wifi, boarding announcement for the flight was announced! I feel betrayed.

I took some pictures, but well not with my phone, so you might want to check out http://www.facebook.com/thetpl later in the week to catch pictures of the event (PS expect plenty pictures of beautiful ladies, camera drones and flashy football jerseys).

Anyway, the real story isn’t TPL, the real story is the deplorable state of Port Harcourt “international” airport.

If you live in Nigeria, you must have heard the word “deplorable” as it is used to describe the state of a plethora of things, from refineries; to roads; to government infrastructure amongst many others, so don’t be so startled when I start throwing the word around in this entry.

Now if you’ve used a proper airport, there are basic things that are necessary to ensure the free flow of passengers, whether it’s those going out or coming into the city, but my dear Port Harcourt, like a man unable to perform due to biological limitations, is lacking in so many aspects especially in the arrival lounge where passengers have no choice than to manually carry their luggage from the vehicles that pull them from the aircraft. Very deplorable

Now imagine a situation where there’s no proper arrival hall, now add the absence of a conveyor belt to move luggage around, then add the number of people coming down from 3 full Boeing 737-500s, a McDonell Douglas MD-83 almost at the same time and what you get is chaos that can only be seen at Oil mill market on a rainy Wednesday morning. No kidding. It’s even so bad that a time, the airport workers have to drag the luggage carriers manually because there are too many luggages trying to be claimed at the same time. Really shameful! Well I managed to get a video of how the process works, just incase any of you decides to use the airport tomorrow, you will be able to have lowered your expectations and not expect a miracle on the mount or even experience culture shock. It’s even more annoying because I argued with a friend some months ago that the airport was going to be completed in the next three months, but more than three months after, the place is still there —uncompleted and no sign of work going on.

I am currently reading Osi’s book, so I have to hop out of here before the excitement dies down.

Until next time,