If you stay in Port Harcourt (or visit regularly), there’s a high chance that you’ve referred to Port Harcourt as a “dead town” or socially incapacitated for those that like big grammar. You won’t blame us though, police officers are chased around the city by armed robbers in broad daylight, so we humans have a very valid excuse not to be caught unawares in public places.

However there are still plenty of places to have fun, network and also party at least once every month. One of which is Startup Sunday which holds at the conference room of the Elkan Terrace hotel, GRA (it’s just by Abacha road) every Sunday at 3pm. So far I have been able to attend two sessions and it is one of the most awesome things to have happened to this city, right up there with Elekahia roasted plantain and fish.

At Startup Sunday, what happens is people intending to kick off their startups (and service providers also) gather in a room and take practical learning sessions from Startup founders in Europe and America, then there’s a Q&A session that participants try to take learning that can be implemented in their own organizations. There’s also a section where people practice elevator pitches pitching their original ideas in front of the audience, a section for networking, another section where startup founders from America & Europe call in via Skype and provide mentoring for intending startup founder (for free!), not to mention we have Amaete Umanah in the same room with us for these sessions. Go ahead, look him up.

Did I mention we’ve had Austin Osueke call in from The Bay Area to mentor us via Skype? It gets better.

Okay enough of Startup Sunday, if you want to know more about this and participate connect with them on twitter @Startup_Sunday, and come along on Sunday 3pm at Elkan Terrace Hotel, GRA, Port Harcourt.

In other news, Manchester United won, City and Arsenal lost, Martial scored twice and my Fantasy Football is in shambles.

The thing about United’s victory is that two years ago (I can’t remember when exactly, but during David Moyes’ era) I would have lost appetite for food after we conceded the second goal, but yea, that feeling is gone for good thanks to LVG’s Red Army and Die Philosophie.

Meanwhile you Port Harcourt people don’t play oh, I dropped by at Grill at the Pent late on Sunday and boy was it a party! From the array of choice Mercedes to the really loud music from DJ Joenel to the you know, follow come light skinned *cough*. It was also really nice to see Chisobem after a really long while, now I wish I’d taken pictures. Hopefully I get to attend next month.

In summary, you should visit Port Harcourt sometime soon. I’d always welcome you.

Until next time,